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This week Trevor and Gabbie class it up with a French film. Okay, so that film's english title is Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay and it has more than a few naked ladies in it, but it's still a subtitled foreign film so that means it is classy, right? Okay, so it may not be classy per se, but it's has far more depth than you would expect given the title. 

Also, the team takes on one of the bigger budget Bottom 100 films, Battlefield Earth. Does the movie live of to its reputation as one of the worst films ever made? Or does everyone's hatred for scientology earn the film undeserved scorn? As with many things, the true answer lies somewhere in the middle. 

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This week Trevor and Gabbie discuss one of Gabbie's childhood favorites, Drop Dead Fred. Does the movie still hold up today? And if Trevor doesn't like it will he survive Gabbie's wrath?

And we discuss #89 on the IMDB bottom 100, Barney's Great Adventure. And yes, that is Barney the dinosaur. Will Trevor and Gabbie be able to make it through this one while staying sober? Who knows?

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This week on the show we've got Danny Trejo kicking ass, taking names and learning what a flash drive is! What's not to love?

Also, for our Bottom 100 movie we discuss Gigli. Sure, it's bad, but is it Bottom 100 bad? Trevor and Gabbie weigh in on this controversial issue.

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This week, Trevor and Gabbie try out their new microphones! As a result, much better sound quality! They are still playing with their mics though so expect things to change a bit over the next few weeks (for the better).

Also, they talk about 2011's not-so-great Fading of the Cries. If bad CG and hammy acting are you bag, this movie is for you!

Then they move on to a discussion of the next bottom 100 film, Phat Girlz from 2006. It's marginally better than you might expect. How much better depends on who you ask.

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This week Trevor is flying solo as he discusses a fun Japanese film, Yakuza Weapon, and a not so fun bottom 100 film, It's Pat

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Our Haunted Aslyum month draws to an end with this week's entry, The Dead Pit. A young woman gets admitted to an insane asylum with a missing memory and an extreme aversion to wearing pants. Also, there's some doctor back from the dead going around killing people. 

Then Trevor and Gabbie discuss the next entry on the bottom 100, American Ninja 5. What happens when you take a mediocore film franchise, recast the lead character and bring in a child sidekick? Well, for one you end up on the bottom 100. But also, hilarity!

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No, this isn't a repeat. This week we discuss Asylum but this time it's a British film from 1972. It's a horror anthology that is set in, you guessed it, an insane asylum.

We also take up smoking, or at least we have a lengthy discussion about the next movie on the Bottom 100, The Smokers

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Haunted Asylum month keeps on tracking with Session 9, a movie that definitely features an abandoned insane asylum but may or may not have the haunted part down. To find out, you'll need to listen to the podcast! Actually, Trevor and Gabbie don't spoil that so listening won't help. But you could watch the movie! To find out if the movie is worth watching, you'll have to listen to the podcast first though!

Also, did you know that the Sham-Wow guy made a movie? It's true. And since it's the next entry in our Bottom 100 feature, you can probably make a pretty good guess about the quality of it. 

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Haunted Asylum Month continues on to its second week with, appropriately enough, 2008's Asylum. Trevor and Gabbie tackle this surprisingly solid slasher flick.

Then we close out the show with #96 on the IMDB's Bottom 100, Levottomat 3. Compared to the other entries in the bottom 100  we've discussed so far, this one is pratically Oscar-worthy. 

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This week on the show, we discuss a truly grave matter - a sequel to 9 and 1/2 Half Weeks.

Oh, we kick off a whole month of haunted asylum films by discussing Grave Encounters for our feature film. 

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