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Episode 88 - The Magic Christian and The Hottie and The Nottie

Our first film this week has Peter Sellers playing Guy Grand, an obscenely wealthy business man. After adopting a random homeless man from the park (Ringo Starr) as his new son, Youngman Grand, the two use their enormous wealth to demonstrate that people will do anything for money and to mess with the upper class. Trevor says hilarity ensues, but Gabbie disagrees. But that's The Magic Christian for you.

Then in our Bottom 100 movie, the much maligned The Hottie and The Nottie, Nate wants to win the girl of his dreams, but first he has to find true love for her best friend. Trevor and Gabbie take a rather controversial stance on this terrible-looking film.

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Episode 87 - Queen of the Damned and Going Overboard

Our main film this week is 2002's Queen of the Damned. The vampire Lestat has been asleep for centuries but decides to wake up to become a big rock star! The other vampires don't really appreciate his public declarations of vampirehood though. And then Trevor risks life and limb by saying some not so positive things about the film.

Then for our Bottom 100 movie, it's Adam Sandler's first ever film, 1989's Going Overboard. In this movie, Adam Sandler plays a guy who desperately wants to be funny, but he just can't seem to pull it off. No irony there at all! Also, in a shocking twist, Gabbie develops a crush on the young Mr. Sandler. 

All that and more on this week's episode!

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Episode 86 - Infestation and Die Hard Dracula

Don't you hate it when giant bugs knock you unconscious, wrap you in webbing and start feeding off your sweet, sweet nectar? Cooper, the lead character of Infestation sure does! But on the bright side, his dad is played by Ray Wise! So it kind of balances out for Cooper, really.

For our bottom 100 movie, we have a title that combines two storied franchises into a single film. It's Die Hard Dracula! Steven Hillman is bummed about the death of his girlfriend so his parents ship him off to Europe. Too bad that's where Dracula lives! Hilarity ensues. Plus Gabbie gets to try out her Keanu Reeves impression!

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Episode 85 - Remains and Keloglan vs. The Black Prince

This week on the show we kick things off with 2011's Remains. In some ways, it's your typical post-apocalyptic zombie movie, but it also brings along a few interesting twists on the typical format (along with some not so interesting moments).

Then, things really get going with our bottom 100 movie, Keloglan vs. The Black Prince. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Boy, I really love those horrible movie movies (like Scary Movie and Epic Movie) but I wonder what it would be like if there was a Turkish version. And what if it mainly dealt with fairy tales?" If you have thought that, you are a very strange individual. On the bright side, but I am happy to say that Keloglan vs. The Black Prince has got you covered. And it's not nearly as terrible as you might think!

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Episode 84 - Children of the Corn and The Maize

It's a good old-fashioned corn boil at Failing Grade headquarters this week. First up, we have the sort of cult hit, Children of the Corn. In this film Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton wander into a very bad part of Nebraska that is controlled by evil, evil children.

Then for the bottom 100 film, we have The Maize: The Movie. It's called The Maize because it takes place in a corn maze and another word for corn is maize. And when a horrible pun is the best thing a movie has going for it, you know you are going to be in for a world of pain. And corn. But mostly pain.

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Episode 83 - Dawn of the Dragonslayer and The Blade Master

This week, we kick things off with the fantasy adventure, Dawn of the Dragonslayer. After Will and his father learn a valuable lesson about not stealing dragon eggs, Will gets to go live with a cantankerous baron and his rambunctious daughter. Wackiness ensues! We also learn way too much about Gabbie's leprechaun fetish.

Then it's time for our bottom 100 movie, Ator the Invincible 2/Cave Dwellers/The Blade Master/etc. In this film, Ator the world's greatest hero/scientist/guy in a loincloth, is tasked with defeating the evil Zor and his crazy hat. Fortunately, Ator has his trusty sidekick, Thong, a couple big-ass swords, a freaking hang glider and the most important weapon of all... science!

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Episode 82 - Harper's Island

This week, we weren't able to record an episode. Fortunately, we had a back-up episode on hand for your listening pleasure.

And really what could more pleasurable than going to a peaceful little island to see old friends get married? Okay, sure, there may be a bit of a high body count, but really what's a wedding without a few complications?

Join Gabbie and Trevor as they discuss the under-appreciated and under-watched horror series, Harper's Island.

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Episode 81 - Freak Dance and Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues

We go a bit outside of our usual wheelhouse this week with 2010's Freak Dance. Cocolonia has wanted to be a dancer all her life and when she finally gets her chance and joins Fantaseez, the nefarious building inspector general shows up and threatens to shut them down! Will they be able to pay off the fines in time? There just so happens to be a big dance contest coming up! Unfortunately, Dazzle and his army of private dancers could stand in their way!

Then for our bottom 100 movie, it's Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues. Professor Lockhart takes two of his best students, and one of their friends, with him to Boggy Creek in an effort to find the Boggy Creek Creature. That's right, it's a Bigfoot movie! Will the Professor succeed in his quest? Or will they have to make due with meeting creepy Old Man Crenshaw?

Also, there's some talk about the Evil Dead remake!

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Episode 80 - Mom and Dad Save the World and the Prince of Space

This week it's all about unusual heroes battling in outer space for the amusement of children! First up, we have Mom and Dad Save the World featuring the likes of Jeffrey Jones, Jon Lovitz and even Eric Idle. With a collection of actors like that, surely this will be a great film! Or will it?

Then in our bottom 100 film, the people of Krankor want to take over the Earth. Fortunately, the Prince of Space is on hand to stop them!

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Episode 79 - The Birds and Birdemic

What is the biggest threat facing mankind? Global warming? Nuclear war? Zombie apocalypse? Bah, mere child's play. In this week's episode we learn that the true threat to mankind is those damned birds! (though maybe global warming has something to do with it? Also, spruce bark beetles!)

So grab the nearest coat hangar and join Trevor and Gabbie as they discuss the Alfred Hitchcock classic, The Birds, and the James Nguyen 'classic,' Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

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